Can One Girl Change the World?


This website was started to promote people and programs as PROOF how one person CAN change the world one relationship, one heart and one mind at a time — especially through the creative energy of women and girls, mothers and daughters, I would most like to honor here. Special Thanks to my Mother and Sisters, Family and Friends for struggling with me to get to this point, where I can finally share model solutions I found with others looking for simpler ways to make a big difference!

Here are some of my favorite programs and sources of inspiration I would like to honor, by promoting and raising funds by setting up teams in schools nationwide:

* Rachel’s Challenge and media outreach by Craig Scott and Family in honor of Rachel Scott and Columbine

* Project Michelle, minority donor programs through Be the Match, and lifesaving outreach work by the mother-daughter team of Megan Williams and Michelle Maykin. [I will post a “theme song” contest for students to set up team programs across campuses nationwide, to train and pay interns for ongoing outreach and fundraising.]

* Help Save the Next Girl, and medical charity clinics by the Harrington Family in honor of Morgan Harrington

* and any programs to facilitate spiritual healing, treatment, and scientific research to correct and prevent danger and death from mental and criminal illness, bullying, abuse and addiction. I would like to dedicate this outreach to others in memoriam who inspire me not to give up but to keep pushing for solutions, from Amanda Todd, Asher Brown and Phoebe Prince, to fellow classmates Shelley Sikes from Texas City High School and Cindy Rounsaville from Rice.

* If you know of other links, programs or projects you recommend, I will start a resource/referral list for those. Thank you so much, for your help to change the world, as we learn from the past and form teams around each issue and solution, to build a better future together!

Yours truly,

Emily Nghiem

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