Inspirational Links and Resources for Referral


Outreach and memorial programs for Morgan Harrington by her family Gil, Dan and Alex and growing support network.


Meet Rachel Joy Scott and take Rachel’s Challenge to schools to change lives across the nation and world.

* and

Help Megan Williams honor her daughter Michelle Maykin by signing up more minority donors for the national registry, and saving more lives by reducing the waiting time and increasing the hope of finding a match.


If you know someone in denial about abuse, addiction or criminally dangerous behavior and sickness, please call for help or referrals. For free Christian healing prayer and nondenominational/secular help: Olivia Reiner 713-829-0899*.  If you or someone else has criminal issues or questions, but does not feel comfortable contacting faith-based groups, please call Ray Hill 713-523-6969 for this or general questions concerning the police and criminal justice system. Your confidentiality will be respected, and the help is free. Don’t let the problems get worse; the sooner you call for help, the less work it takes to contain the damage no matter how bad it is.

[* NOTE: The same steps of spiritual healing prayer that have been followed to cure addiction, depression, even demonic voices in patients with schizophrenia and multiple-personalities, ALSO have cured people of cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases. The methods are free and work equally for believers, skeptics, even nontheists opposed to Christianity, as long as the person asks and agrees to receive the forgiveness and healing prayer, where the process will continue until all issues are forgiven and healed naturally and in conjunction with science and medicine. If you know medical or mental health professionals interested in formal studies of this process, please contact Olivia Reiner above.]

* lifesaving links if you or someone you know is suffering harassment and pressure after rape, pregnancy or both:

More Links that save Lives:

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