Header/Logo Art Design Contest
Any Student or Team who has ideas for changing the header or designing a logo for this website, let me know, and I’ll work with you to set up a local or national contest! There will be at least three websites, one for this general homesite; one for networking and sharing ideas on forums to organize teams around projects and strategies; and one for posting the actual links/pages to projects that are asking contributions for fundraising and public participation. Thank you for your interest! Emily Nghiem at hotmail 713 820 5130
Lyrics for Song/Video Contest
The following lyrics can be sung in the style of “Who’s That Girl” by Madonna, or revised using original music. If you’d like to form a student team to produce a song or video for public radio, TV or online broadcast, to promote your favorite cause or start your own world-changing project, these words may be shared freely under a creative commons license for you to revise or write your own to fit your message:
Can one girl?
Change the world?
Yes, one girl!
Can change your world!

[For Rachel:]
Though we lost her, as a student killed at Columbine
She’s moving mountains, with words of love she left behind
Still urging, encouraging people to be kind
Reaching out, across the nation, winning hearts and changing minds

Just one girl, can change the world
One kind word, can change your world

[For Morgan:]
When they found her, there was just a trace of what she was
Left to die, out in a field, lying there for months
Her childhood dreams, live on through clinics built to serve the poor
That’s our way, to say “I love you” TOO much, forever, and once more.

Two, Four, One: Pass it on!
Hug your girls, and love your sons
Two, Four, One: Pass it on!
Save the world, for all our girls

Honor your Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters
To live in peace, forgive each other, more!
[Peace, in Heaven’s Kingdom,
We must become, like little children
By Grace of God!]

[For Michelle:]
I lost my battle with cancer in 2009
Waiting for a perfect match that didn’t come in time
There weren’t enough Asian donors in the database
Please help my Mom to fill it up, with volunteers of every race!

Just one drive, can save a life
For boys and girls, around the world
Be the match, give a chance
To boys and girls, around the world

[For Shelley, Jennifer and Elizabeth, and others:]
Two guys on drugs, took away my friend named Shelley Sikes
They didn’t know, addiction can be healed in Jesus Christ
Now I’ve learned, that even mental sickness can be cured
Please help the doctors prove it using science
And spread the word!

Help this girl, to save the world
Find a cure, and spread the word!

Let’s help our Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers!
Forgive in peace, and love each other, more!

[Peace, in Heaven’s Kingdom,
We must become, like little children
By Grace of God!]

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